Chatroom visitor tekkie becomes increasingly emotionally involved with chathostess Aphrodite--the colorful phantom on his computer screen several nights a week, a.k.a. the alluring lady who seems to have taken a special liking to him despite the fact that each time she goes online she also interacts in various ways with literally 100's & 100's of other chatroom guests. Compare for example Act 1's first song lyric  There's A Leopardskin On The Wall to the song lyric at this page,  which is for later on in Act 1 or for early on in Act II. Things I'd Like To Talk Over With Her reflects we think how far tekkie has come from being the relatively passive spectator he was at first.



There are some things I'd like to talk over, with her
Such as, I wish she wouldn't wear outfits which have hats,
They compromise the lovely shape of her sweet face & partly hide her tumbling golden hair;
Sure, that black biker costume with matching vinyl pants & jacket she wore last night was really super
But that cap that hid her crowning glory was a freaking fright--
I was on the verge of yelling at her in allcaps to take that thing off, all night!--
Yes there are some things I'd like to talk over, with her

Like, I wish she wouldn't set the color balance wheel on the webcam
So that her golden hair & shining skin take on a goofy orange sunset glow;
Orange clashes with her scarlet lipstick & blurs the outlines of her pretty lips

And besides that wreaks utter havoc on the color of her hair
Turning even golden blonde to blanched-out granny white, she oughtta know
Oh yes come to think of it--Oh yes I gotta admit it--
There are lots of things I'd like to talk over with her now

Like, I wish she'd check her emails more than once or twice a night when she's online
Or better yet that she'd break down & blow some bucks & get a pc for her home
So that instead of having to rush around to catch up on her fanmail during breaktimes
She can just relax & take it easy & won't have to stand in line
To use the spare computer in her boss' office--just like some mere ordinary chatgirl--
To read silly billet doux from countless doubtless crazy devotees, lol including me
Oh Yes there's more & more I'd like to talk over, with her

Like, when it's nearly midnite & her shift is almost over & she gets out of stage costume
       & back into streetclothes again--

Running shoes & an oversized attemptedly shapeless deep blue jogging suit she sports
Obviously in hopes of hiding her amazing figure & looking inconspicuous as she can
Before she hits the streets to hail a cab
Sometimes I catch myself yearning to remind that Goddess to always flip the hood up first

So as to achieve at least some vague semblance of a disguise
Oh yes there's more & more I'd like to say to her each night

Such as "Aphie please remember to eat an apple every day
& Watch out for the bogeyman & avoid sticks & stones if you possibly can
& Always cross the street at corners & never in-between--& only when the streetlight's on the green--
& Button up your overcoat Babe & don't take any wooden nickels Luv & watch out for open manholes too
& When you deem it time for sleeping may you sleep soundly & always have the sweetest dreams
& If you're ever sleepless, please sing yourself some super-soothing lullabyes
& Please remember always Aphie to sing yourself at least one sweet song for me"

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Things I'd Like To Talk Over With Her  © 2005 by Michael Benedikt.

Although like many other song lyrics for Act 1, this one shows deepening involvement on tekkie's part & "character development," etc., here we also see a chatroom visitor crossing an uusual & particularly sensitive line as far as the well-established folkways of fantasy-driven LAVF chatrooms go.  Here, with some encouragment from a chathostess, we also have a mere chatroom guest mentally tinkering with some relatively behind-the-scenes inner workings of an LAVF chatroom--& even (as in some other Act I song lyrics), expressing concern about a few things in a chathostess' backstage, "real" life too. Greek lore tells us that it's risky for mere mortals to mix with Gods & Goddesses! As in other lyrics for Act I, here we have Love In Bloom although flowering in some rather unusual circumstances. But here also is a Crisis In The making. Forthcoming: Linking of this page later on in '05, to the dozen or so other Aphrodite's Chatroom song lyrics already online. All A/C pages remain for the time being at private URLs.

For now, viewing of pages of this website is by invitation only. Hope you've enjoyed this visit :))

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