Besides being Romantic, Tekkie's feelings for Aphrodite are also mixed in with the Platonic--a powerful combination for anyone experiencing such a set of emotions. In addition to being attracted to the Love Goddesses’ super-sexines & entranced by Aphrodite’s beauty in general, Tekkie imply likes her a lot.  He enjoys her playfulness & wit, & admires her courage in dealing with  her outrageously stressful job--suggesting to him in & of itself, that she perhaps possesses unusual--if not super-human--powers. On the other hand, he's also beginning to be moved by what he perceives to be Aphrodite's underlying vulnerability (a symptom of that vulnerability surfaces in the next lyric, ‘Can You Help Me, Tekkie’).  Far less Romantic of course is the interest of most other guests in re Aphrodite--the star & leading light of what is after all, a rather daring Adult Live Video Feed (LVF) chatroom. In 'Just Resting,' a chatroom guest who contrasts with Tekkie but whose imagination is also inflamed & working overtime--tries to envision the home life of The Goddess after she gets home from work. He’s accompanied by a friend. Words of the chorus are spoken,  or semi-spoken, & are by the friend. The latter tries somewhat in in vain to calm down his perhaps excessively fantasy-prone pal.  (Encounters with Goddesses--particularly one who's a specialist at inspiring erotic & other forms of fantasy--tend of course to provoke extreme reactions).



I wonder what she does when she gets home from work late at night

After spending 8 hours straight presiding over her chatroom

Does she kick off both her shoes & settle back & sing a little tune

Then does she open up her mail & have little wine

--Or does she get back in bed alone again for party time


That's interesting my boy, that's interesting

But take it easy boy

She's probably resting, just resting


Does she turn on the TV & listen to the nightly news

Then lounge around listening to late-night talk-shows

Then does she polish up her nails & comb out tangles from her tumbling golden hair

Happy to be quiet at last, glad no one else is there;

Or does her doorbell ring, & does she then drop everything

& Run smiling to greet a lover at the door

And before the light of morning dawns, laughingly admit four more


That's interesting my boy, that's interesting

But take it easy boy

Try to calm down boy

She's probably resting, just resting


Or does she think about the evening & chatter on the phone

Talking with a close friend about the excitement of her chatroom

Does she force her or him play guessing games,

And does describing it all make her burst out into flames

And does she then take out a toy from the carryall bag she's brought back home from work

And go at it again until she's drowsy & finally falls asleep

I wonder if she ever really falls asleep


That's interesting my boy, that's interesting

But take it easy boy

Try to calm down boy

Try & get it through your head

She's probably resting, just resting.

'Just Resting,' Song Lyric for  Opening of Act II of Aphrodite's Chatroom
© 2004 by Michael Benedikt


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