Chathostessing work is stressful--with most chathostesses on the 'Net being responsible for lighting, costuming, and controlling the webcam via zoom-ins & zoom-outs using a remote control unit, while at the same time posing like pin-ups come to life and carrying on multiple conversations with 15 to 30 chatroom guests of both sexes at the same time--with guests coming in & out of the room constantly, and with many visitors talking in rapid succession at them via typed-in lines of incoming text. In the name of fun & profit, a Live Adult Video Feed Chathostess puts up with a lot! But one kind of chatter which Aphrodite would not put up with, is complaints by male chatroom guests about their girlfriends, wives, or whatever member of the opposite sex they're having sex with--or not having enough sex with--or not having enough good sex with. Here, a somewhat stressed-out Aph loses some of her customary cool & skewers a chatroom guest who's visited her room to blame his sweetie exclusively for his dissatisfaction with his partner, as some men habitually do.


Men make ladies lousy lovers
That's the main reason why it happens, forget about the others
Where there's a deadhead in bed
There's some guy who crapped out & defaulted
On his responsibility
To show a girl a thing or two
Men make ladies lousy lovers--that's who!

So if your woman hasn't the foggiest notion
If your cutie hasn't a clue about what to do between the sheets
Don't come around to to praise me
For my sexy sophistication, in contradistinction
No, don't come around complaining to the Goddess of Love about your girl
Look to yourself you jerk & get to work

That's right, you heard me right
Don't come around to me asking how come I alone can really understand you
& Don't you dare visit my chatroom to put her down
Yup, you can come around to me for any other reason, Hon
Make any demand on me or ask me any other question
But that one

Because It's men who make ladies lousy lovers
That's why they're cold fish beneath the covers
Where there's a deadhead in bed
There's some guy who crapped out & defaulted
On his responsibility
To show his girl a thing or two--
Some guy for whom lingeree's a mystery
And who never even thought of buying his woman nylons for a rendez-vous
Or show a girl a thing or two

Men make ladies lousy lovers--that's who!

And in the midst of talking with them or sometimes chastising them
A minute or three after silently I’ve signed into her room
Aphrodite will suddenly turn to me
And suddenly type in on her keyboard out of the blue "Tekkie baby how's it going" & "I missed u''
And I'll feel a lump grow in my throat the size of the rock of Gibraltar
And type back "Aphie darling I missed u Sweetie, 2"

Purple Font, above, is for a possible Reprise of closing verse of lyric 2, 'Doggie-Style. Slight variation in line 1  

Song Lyric  'Men Make Ladies Lousy Lovers'
 for Aphrodite's Chatroom, © 2003 by Michael Benedikt


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