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Like meteors that flare up & fade out in the middle of the night

Memories of encounters with Aphrodite repeatedly ignite

And then return almost as quickly to the darkness above;

You can forget some things easily, but not the Goddess of Love


Once she's touched you, she keeps you in the palm of her hand

--Isn't living with Love in our lives part of an eternal plan?

Aren't we all nice, & a bunch of darling deserving cuties?

When loving, isn't half the human race handsome & the other half raving beauties?


No one can escape her sweet influence and nobody wants to be free

And I thank my lucky stars for some months it was partly me

She touched and told her magic message to, from the ancient past

Leaving me with traces in my mind of encounters that passed so fast


So That I still don't know what hit me--& I gaze up to the dark night sky

Seeking Aphie among the stars, looking for her next fly-by.


'Aphrodite's Chatroom' is a work-in-progress.  It's a multi-media tribute by a   Contemporary US Poet
to the enduring spirit of Goddess Aphrodite--ancient & modern.

Other pages of this site include selected song lyrics already written, or in progress, for a full-scale Musical--a Rock Opera, perhaps.
Pages of completed lyrics, both already posted at various private URLs on the 'Net & unposted as yet, may eventually be linked to this page.
The work as a whole may be experienced as a love poem. Or if you please as an extended fantasy in verse, in prose, & in other media, too.

This postscript poem is conceived of as a Playbill Insert

'Memories of Aphrodite: A Sonnet'  © 2003 by Michael Benedikt

'The Compleat Michael Benedikt:  Poet Laureate of the Net
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