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Aph in Biker Outfit



There are things in this world that people want to do

& things in this world that don't

life's a mixture of notes in imperfect harmony

But everybody wants to do Aphie.

The weather gets warm, the weather gets cold

some like it hot & some not

but wherever the climate whatever the degree

Everybody wants to do Aphie.

Lovers come & go like through a revolving door

nothing stands in one place for too long

it's all wham bam & thank you ma'am without the ty

But everybody wants to do Aphie.

Every day you meet a lot of jokers

they play games kid around & try to fool you

mostly those clowns lack all sincerity

But everybody wants to do Aphie.

Arguments among people happen all the time

confusion runs rife among nations

fighting's a norm yet all stand up & agree

That everybody wants to do Aphie.

Life flies by so fast it's hard to keep track of it

'Here today & gone tomorrow' wotta mess

And though goods that you buy on the fly come with no guarantee

Everybody wants to do Aphie

I once knew a man in cryogenic suspension

you could visit him on weekends in a tank

when I showed him her picture he smiled back at me

Because there's nobody who doesn't want to do Aphrodite

'Aphrodite's Chatroom' is a work-in-progress. It's a multi-media tribute by a Contemporary US poet
to the enduring spirit of Goddess Aphrodite--ancient & modern.

Pages forthcoming will include other selected lyrics already written, or in progress, for a Musical--a rock Opera, perhaps.  
Pages may also be experienced as a love poem in verse, in prose, & in other media, too.

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