Like "Doing The Aphrodite," the lst song lyric at site, this song lyric also refers to dance. Dancing, by the performer playing the role of chathostess Aphrodite, could precede it. Also--like some other song lyrics for Act II & III--this lyric taken as a whole is a free-standing,  self-contained, lyric-based playlet.  In any event, 'Spinning Dancer' has 3 distinct sections. They contrast with one another. The 3 parts are (1) Main section--sung by actor portraying Tekkie, and praising Aphrodite’s accomplished, impromptu dancing in lines evoking dance-rhythms.   (She dances just to relax when feeling tense or stressed out; or perhaps because she’s just feeling blue or in a 'down' mood--possibly because she hasn't made much money that night in the Private Sessions with paying customers which are her bread & butter. Or, perhaps, just to take her mind off her work entirely now & then).   (2) Narrative section--semi-sung, or even or spoken by a 3rd party either male or female & describing delighted (not to mention astonished) responses of other chatroom-visitors to chathostess Aphrodite's impromptu choreographic efforts; & (3) Climax--sung by Tekkie & about the impact Aphrodite‘s dancing has on him as he recalls it later on. Note: A few of Aphrodite's 'regulars' appear in the third part of this lyric. They contribute to sub-plot, & some also appear in other A/C song-lyrics.


Tonight Goddess told us she's a dancer
Studied Middle Eastern, tap, & ballet too
I guess that explains the smooth & graceful way she always moves
& Why mysteriously now & then
She‘ll sometimes pause in conversation,
Take the computer keyboard from her lap & stand up out of the blue,
& Do a turn or two, as if she wasn’t really there
Chatting up a living, talking for almost eight straight hours
Sometimes staying even after hours, to make an extra buck or two
Answering our questions, seducing customers with her answers--
But was really just a dancer, who gracefully revolves
Aphrodite only just a spinning dancer

And none of us can doubt that she’s a dancer
Turning round & round the room again
With her arms spread wide, or held high above her pretty blonde head
Whether slower or faster, with a light & graceful tread
With the hem of her long white Goddess costume transparent,
     & flung out at her feet again
With her tumbling golden hair spread wide & whirling far around her too
Dancing as if she wasn’t really there, perhaps to some unheard-of refrain
With no need to speak, somewhere in the blue
Wearing stockings & stiletto heels instead of dancing shoes
Turning so perfectly as she moves, that it breaks my heart in two
& Was really just a dancer, as she gracefully revolves
Aphrodite only just another spinning dancer

& For a while none of us can doubt that she’s a dancer too
A smiling, laughing dancing girl
Lost in another world, who can break your heart in two
& Really only just a dancer
Aphrodite just another spinning dancer

Semi-sung, or even declaimed or spoken by another chatroom guest, not Tekkie:

And when she’s done, & sits down again before the Webcam,
A few of the dozens of people there will make so bold as to give her instant-replay-type feedback--
MrFootlong cries out, typing in with several exclamation-points,
"Wow, that's some ass you've got their Aphro";
& DaisymaidUK abandoning her customary English reserve remarks
     "our Aphrodite always moves so well";
And Tekkie as usual blurts out something semi-crazy
Like "U R so beautiful, Aphie & so graceful too you make me want to cry"
And many type in simply 'wow' or 'holy smoke'
And perhaps someone else who's just suddenly signed into her room out of the blue
     & whose handle I’ve never seen before
Will type in, in all caps something like "hey Aphro doll why don't you get off your ass for once & show some tits"--& then
     just as quickly disappear

And she'll hold that sitting pose,
In transparent  white gauze Goddess-costume with white keyboard placed upon on her lap
& With 20 or 30 people or even more than that who’ve collected in her room to chat
Still typing compliments at her rapidly almost like a physical attack
& She'll smile & sometimes laugh & crack a joke or two also out of the blue
--As if to try to bring us too, back to earth at last

Tekkie resumes, joyfully singing out:

And that's why later that night, all night long
My head's full of cartwheels, & spinning wheels
& Things turning & churning all night long
& Weather vanes & whooping cranes
& Buildings with revolving doors on every floor

Oh I'm head over heels in awe of her

Aphrodite the spinning dancer
Aphrodite the daring spinning dancer
Aphrodite the daring darling spinning dancer...

Song Lyric for Act I of Aphrodite's Chatroom
© 2004 by Michael Benedikt


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